Our daycare Centre is well equipped with toys, learning material and furniture which include highchairs, booster seats, rocking chairs, couches, tables, small chairs, nap mats and beds as well as Infants furniture that include Cribs one per child enrolled,  Activity saucer (stationary entertainment Centre) Diaper change table , Potty chair, Rocking chairs,  Rocking horse. Large inflated mattress bolsters. Wheeled equipment: Tricycles, Occupational riding vehicles Riding toys Push & pull toys. Block Centre Hollow block set  Waffle blocks Unit block set , Cardboard blocks, Tinker toys  interlocking plastic blocks - large & small Accessories: Wooden train Cars, trucks, airplanes - large & small  Animal sets - farm, zoo, wild, airport, castle, garage, Family miniatures (people) and  Pictures of buildings.

Services that we are offering is food serving to children so we have also required appliances in our daycare center kitchen like refrigerator, microwave oven, feeder washer, feeder warmer, washer and dryer, plates and cups, Dish cupboard Kitchen set, sink.

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