Mission Statement

The main objective of education and research is to promote social justice and harmony in human societies, especially in the complex emerging global social system. The aim is to entrust our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in building equitable and humane social institutions in Pakistan. We intend to create indigenous sociological knowledge and apply professional research skills to influence social policies for desirable social change in our own cultural domain. This has the aim of improving our social and cultural environment and raising the quality of life in Pakistan.

The Institute of Social and Cultural Studies (ISCS) is a student-centered and research-oriented institution. It offers a range of high-quality educational programs at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. The ISCS is dedicated to the discovery, sharing and application of knowledge to aid in the due progress of our society, and the nation. The core value of the ISCS remains the pursuit of useful knowledge for improving human life.

            The promotion of free inquiry is a motto of the ISCS. Collaboration and cooperation among institutions and disciplines are emphasized. Our goal is imaginative edification and the improvement of the whole society and person. Students are expected to pursue knowledge that is good for the diverse needs of social organizations and human societies. The critical concern of the ISCS is to educate students so that they can create a good life for themselves and others.