Department of Development Studies

“Development” is a broad concept and refers to problems related to the socio-economic impact of infrastructure development projects, rapid changes in family structure and gender roles and demographic change. The concept of “development” also has political, social, cultural, economic and historical dimensions. This department/program will enhance the understanding of such issues in order to assist in the achievement of effective and smooth change. The Development Studies program will combine theoretical insights and [practical skills. The goal is to help students take a multidisciplinary approach to problems of development and possibilities for change in the context of an increasingly globalized political economy. Another, concern of the program is an evaluation of the different models and strategies for national and local development that are being implemented worldwide.

The Department aims to prfom0te research, teaching and training in disciplines relevant to various dimensions of human development. Research areas include globalization, industrialization, poverty, health, nutrition, education, gender and the environment. The Department offers MSc both in regular and self-supporting basis.