Department of Gender Studies

The increasing global concern about the equal rights of males and females, and their obligations and opportunities in all fields and at all levels of development, warrants an understanding of the present status of women with reference to inequalities in various spheres of life. This covers basic human rights concerning food, health, clothing, education, access to and participation in economic activities, decision making and other matters of human progress and interest.

The objective is to promote awareness and sensitization amongst various sections of the population about ender-related issues in order to bring about necessary changes in the social environment; ultimately this will promote gender equity and social justice in our require properly trained individuals with a scientific approach to understanding gender-based issues and problems.

Graduates of this Department enjoy a diverse range of career opportunities, including teaching and research positions in universities and colleges, and positions in public and private departments/institutions having programs about women’s development and child protection. The objective is to provide training for community work, research assignments, social planning, supervision of various projects, monitoring and evaluation work, advocacy for change, human rights issues, to address environmental concerns and consumer issues, health care, and also to address pertinent international issues related to gender. The department currently offers MSc and M. Phil in Gender Studies in both mornings and afternoons on a self-supporting basis.