Department of Public Health

The main focus of public health is on prevention and early detection, rather than on clinical care. It looks at the whole population, rather than the individual. In this way, public health complements and works with clinical care. As an academic discipline, public health is concerned with the big picture of how society is organized to maximize health and wellbeing, about what people can do for themselves and the role of institutions and government.

Public health practice needs both good science and good judgment. Public health professionals come from a wide range of disciplines and often use approaches targeted to changing attitudes in the broader community or the environment in which people make choices (e.g. schools or workplaces), as well as promoting behavior change in individuals and families. A central concern is good intelligence or data-on the population and its health status, and on the evidence about how health improves and which groups miss out. That intelligence is the turned into action or advocacy to further drive health improvement.

The Department of Public Health has close links with other national and international agencies, research institutions, and collaborations, thereby forming partnerships that enable it to promote a broad public health perspective. Our vision is to promote positive human development through the creation and implementation of innovative and unique technology-based research and health education programs. Public health is ever evolving and so are we. The Department of Public Health offers MS/M. Phil and PhD degrees in the discipline of Public Health on self-supporting basis.