VCDr. Zaffar Mueen Nasar

Vice Chancellor (Message)

First of all, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you for selecting the Institute of Social and Cultural Studies (ISCS), University of the Punjab, as your alma mater. Your entry in this institute is expected to provide you very exciting opportunities to pursue your curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Here you will be part of a community of scholars that aims at academic excellence. You will come across colleagues with diverse background within the ISCS and beyond in the wider University enclosure. This mosaic provides a rich environment for understanding the socio-cultural diversity of our youth, all working towards the common destiny of learning and creating knowledge and skills to be shared nationally and globally.

The range of academic programs and the other learning activities offered at ISCS and beyond in the University give you a unique flavor of life for grooming your personality. All in all, you will be part of congenial conditions that stimulate curiosity and creativity thereby nurturing the scientific values resulting in the creation of innovative indigenous knowledge with global ramifications. You have taken the first step towards the achievement of excellence, which is the vision of ISCS, rest assured that you will experience best possible milieu for the present as well as life-long learning. I encourage you to make the most positive use of all the ISCS and the University has to offer.

I wish you a pleasant stay at the ISCS and the University.