Dr.Zakria ZakarProf. Dr. Muhammad Zakria Zakar

Director (Message)

What is the human condition today? How has it changed across time and space and how can it be reformed? Sociology helps us to meaningfully understand the human construction of rules, relationships and institutions, which in turn shape human perceptions and behaviors. Sociologists are both empiricists and rationalists. They apply reflective and reflexive techniques to understand the essence of ‘being human’. Sociology is also an applied field, and sociologists delve into human problems to formulate strategies for preempting and resolving them.

Human beings are now facing challenges that are unparalleled in history. Our mission at the Institute of Social & Cultural Studies (ISCS) is to help our students and community by simply staying true to the ontological and epistemological traditions of our discipline. In an open and interactive environment, we encourage our students and faculty to pursue the shared resolve to understand ourselves as human beings, our interdependence on each other and the trends of cooperation and conflict that influence our mutual existence. As educators and social scientists, we endeavor to imbue our students with a sense of ‘self’ that is innately connected to the ‘collective’. It is our hope and belief that our pedagogical style will promote peace and compassion through learning.