M.Phil. Public Health

(Evening Program/Self-Supporting)


1. Sixteen years of schooling or 4 years education (BS) after HSSC/F.A/F. Sc. /Grade 12, equivalent will be required for admission in the M.Phil/MS.

2. For award of M.Phil./MS/equivalent degree, candidates will need to complete 24 credit hours of course work along with a minimum of 6 credit hours for research work/thesis.

Written test 40 marks
Academic Qualifications 40 marks
Interview 10 marks
Publication (One mark each) 05 marks
Professional Experience (One mark per year) 05 marks
Discipline Quota
BS (D.Pharm, Nursing, Medical Technologies) or Equivalent Qualification 20%
Life Sciences (Biology, Microbiology, Zoology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Human Nutrition & other relevant subjects) 20%
Social & Management Sciences 20%
M.Phil. Public Health (Evening) Program
PROGRAM STRUCTURE:               
Duration 2 years/4 semester
Total Credit Hours 30
Course Work 24
Research Work 06
SEMESTER-I Course Title                                                                                               Credit Hours
MPH 301 Public Health Principles and Practices 02
MPH 302 Biostatistics & Applied Statistics     02
MPH 303 Introduction to Epidemiology 02
MPH 304 Quantitative Research Methods in Public Health Practice 02
MPH 305 Health Communication Strategies/Health Promotion 02
SEMESTER-II Course  Title                                                                            Credit Hours
MPH 306 Sociology of Health and Illness 02
MPH 307 Health Economics                                            02
MPH 308 Health Management                                      02
MPH 309 Reproductive Health                                      02
MPH 310 Qualitative Research Methods in Public Health Practice 02

Course Title                                                                    

Credit Hours
MPH 311 Principles of Public Health Policy & Administration 02
MPH 312 Environmental and Occupational Health 02
MPH 313 Synopsis writing
SEMESTER-IV Course Title                                                                       Credit Hours
MPH 313 Thesis Writing 06