Ph.D Sociology


Ph.D is a minimum of three years program that can be extended up to five years. A candidate will take 18 credit hour coursework followed by 48 Credit hour dissertation.


Prior to being eligible to write a dissertation a student must clear a comprehensive written examination and a viva voce. The language of instruction and dissertation is English.


Ph.D dissertation is evaluated by both national and international external evaluators.




M. Phil. Or equivalent degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.0

Having not more than two second divisions in the academic career. No 3rd division or ‘D’ grade in entire academic career.


Written test 40 marks
Academic Qualifications 40 marks
Interview 10 marks
Publication (One mark each) 05 marks
Professional Experience (One mark per year) 05 marks
No. of Seats 10
SOC 701 Sociology of Health and Gerontology 4 CH
SOC 702 Sociology of Family 4 CH
SOC 703 Seminar in Criminology 4 CH      
SOC 704 Psycho-Social Aspects of Gender 4 CH
SOC 705 Women in Arts & Literature 4 CH
SOC 801 Thesis 48 CH