Undergraduate Programs


BS (4-years) Sociology & Sociocultural Studies is a broad based, interdisciplinary degree, which gives students an insight into sociology and a wide range of social science subjects. This program is developed in line with the HEC new directives for four year Bachelor’s degree. The program is comprised of 132 credit hours to be completed in eight semesters.

Six semesters comprise of class work and the last two-semester focus on research and training. Internship and dissertation writing is compulsory. The language of instruction and dissertation writing is English.



Intermediate or equivalent examinations (such as GCE, A level, ICS, I Com)



  • 25 percent of Matriculation Marks + Total marks in F. A/F. Sc. (or equivalent)
  • 20 marks for Hafiz-e-Quran (if applicable)

BS (4-Years) Sociology & Sociocultural Studies (Regular)

SEMESTER-I (3 CH each) SEMESTER-II (3 CH each)
SOC 101 Sociology-I SOC 107 Sociology-II
SOC 102 Functional English SOC 108 Islamic Studies / Ethics (02 CH)
SOC 103 Pakistan Studies (02 CH) SOC 109 English Communication Skill
SOC 104 Introduction to Computer SOC 110 Social Anthropology       
SOC 105 Logic and Critical Thinking SOC 111 Development of Social Thought       
SOC 106

One of the following UN languages to be offered (Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish & French)

SOC 112 One of the following UN languages to be offered (Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish & French)
SOC 201 Technical Writing and Presentation Skills SOC 207 Introduction to Management    
SOC 202 Mass Communication SOC 208 Social Work
SOC 203 Introduction to Economics SOC 209 Gender Studies
SOC 204 Pakistani Society & Culture SOC 210 Criminology
SOC 205 Organizational Behavior & HRD SOC 211 Political Science
SOC 206 Classical Sociological Theory SOC 212 Contemporary Sociological Theory
SEMESTER-V (3 CH each) SEMESTER-VI (3 CH each)
SOC 301 Research Methodology SOC 307 Research Design & Sociometry
SOC 302 Social Psychology SOC 308 Introduction to Population Studies
SOC 303 Project Planning & Management SOC 309 Social Statistics
SOC 304 Sociology of Globalization SOC 310 Urban Sociology
SOC 305 Sociology of Development SOC 311 Sociology of Law and Human Rights
SOC 306 Sociology of Education
SOC 401 Sociology of Health & Illness SOC 406 Social Transformation
SOC 402 Web Survey & SPSS SOC 407 Clinical Sociology
SOC 403 Electronic Media & Virtual Society SOC 408 Governance and Social Policy

SOC 404


Conflict and Alternative Dispute Resolution SOC 409 Thesis (06 CH)

SOC 405



BS (4-Years) Sociology & Sociocultural Studies


BS (4-years) Sociology &Sociocultural Studies (Replica /Self Supporting) is being offered for the first time this year. It has the same program structure, entrance requirement and course outline as the BS (4-years) Sociology & Sociocultural Studies (Regular) program.

However the order of preference on the basis of year of passing the examination and age limit shall not be applied for this program. This program is offered in the afternoon (1.00-5.00 p.m.) on self-support basis.