M.Sc. Criminology & Security Studies (Evening/Self-Supporting)
B.A./B. Sc. With at least two social science subject.  Moreover there is no age limit.
SEMESTER-I (03 CH each) SEMESTER-IV (3 CH each)


CRM 301


CRM 302


CRM 303


CRM 304


CRM 305


Introduction to Criminology


Introduction to Security Studies


Introduction to Private Security Management


National & International Perspective on Crime and Security


Criminal Justice administration in Pakistan

Elective Courses

(Four of the following subjects to be offered)


CRM 408


CRM 409


CRM 410


CRM 411


CRM 412


Community Policing


Terrorism & Counter Terrorism


Drug Abuse & Related Crimes


Forensic Science in Criminology


Organized Crime & Money Laundering

SEMESTER-II (03 CH each) Compulsory Courses

CRM 306

CRM 307

CRM 308

CRM 309

 CRM 310

Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Development               

 Crime Mapping

Criminal Psychology

Research Methods in Criminology

 Social Statistics in Criminology


CRM 413


CRM 414




Thesis (06 credit hours)

SEMESTER-III    (3 CH each)
Compulsory Courses

CRM 401


CRM 402

Criminal Investigation 




Elective Courses (Three of the following subjects to be offered)


CRM 403


CRM 404


CRM 405


CRM 406


CRM 407


Islamic Perspective on Crime and Punishment


Crime and Criminology in Pakistan


Community Justice and Crime Prevention


Cyber Crime


Crime & Media