M. Sc. Population Sciences (Afternoon/Self-Supporting)


BA/B.Sc. With at least 2nd division with any social science subject. Moreover there is no age restriction.


1. Work experience with Population Welfare Department and NGOs working in the area of Health and Population will be given preference.

2. No age limit.

SEMESTER-I (03 CH each) SEMESTER-II (03 CH each)
MPS 301 Introduction to Population Sciences MPS 306 Population & Development
MPS 302 Introduction to Sociology MPS 307 Migration & Urbanization
MPS 303 Techniques of Population Analysis MPS 308 Social Statistics-I
MPS 304 Gender and Health Development MPS 309 Research Methodology
MPS 305 Computer Application MPS 310 Project Cycle Management
MPS 306 Academic Writing
SEMESTER-III (03 CH each)       SEMESTER-IV (03 CH each)
MPS 401 Communication Strategies MPS 413 Population & Environment
MPS 402 Reproductive Health MPS 414 Thesis (6 CH)
MPS 403 Population Policy and its Analysis Optional Courses (03 CH each)
MPS 404 Qualitative Methods of Data Analysis (One of the following subjects to be offered)
MPS 405 Internship MPS 411 Human Resource Development
MPS 409 Social Statistics-II MPS 412 Population, Poverty
Optional Courses (03 CH each)


MPS 406

MPS 407

MPS 408

(One of the following subjects to be offered)

Business Demography

Population and Ageing.

Youth and Population