M. Sc. Sociology (Regular)

1.  B.A with Sociology as an elective subject OR

2.  B.A. /B. Sc. With any two of the following elective subjects:

Economics, Political Science, Psychology/Applied Psychology, History, Social Work, Islamic Studies, Home Economics, Philosophy, Statistics, Geography, Education, Journalism, Botany, Zoology, English Literature, Mathematics, Computer Science, Commerce, Health & Physical Education, Chemistry, Physics.

SEMESTER-I (3 CH each) SEMESTER-II (3 CH each)

SOC 301

SOC 302

SOC 303

SOC 304

SOC 305

SOC 306

General Sociology-1

Social Thought

Academic Writing

Computer Application

Cultural Anthropology

Social Psychology

SOC 307

SOC 308

SOC 309

SOC 310

SOC 311

Optional Courses

General Sociology-II

Contemporary Sociological Theory

Research Methods-I

Sociology of Social Work

Social Statistics-I

   (3 CH each)

(One of the following subjects to be offered

SOC 312

SOC 313

SOC 314

Social Demography

Organizational Behavior

Sociology of Ageing


SOC 401

SOC 402

SOC 403

SOC 404


Research Methods-II

Sociology of Development-I

Social Statistics-II

Clinical Sociology

Courses (03 CH each)

SOC 411

SOC 412

SOC 413

SOC 414

Web Survey & SPSS

Sociology of Development-II

Field Work/Internship  

Thesis (06 Credit Hours)

(Two of the following subjects to be offered)

SOC 405

SOC 406

SOC 407

SOC 408

SOC 409

SOC 410


Sociology of Emotions                   
Industrial Sociology

Gender and Human Rights

Sociology of Race & Ethnic Relations

Sociology of Urbanization

M. Sc. Sociology (Replica/Self-Supporting)
M. Sc. Sociology (Replica/Self-Supporting) has the same eligibility, program structure and entrance requirement as the M. Sc. Sociology Regular. However the order of preference on the basis of year f passing the examination and age limit shall not be applied for this program. This program is offered in the afternoon (1.00-5.00p.m.) on self-support basis